Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Overrating the Islander Image

Sitting in the library clearly trying to study when I was disrupted by a group of girls perving on guys on their laptops. Then hearing, "He's so yummy, he's... he's an islander. Ooohhh! More islander friends... who are also yummy". My ears had hurt by the squeals.
Living in a place where I went to school where half the girls wanted to jump on any islander guy who either could play rugby or play the guitar and sing, I was getting sick of the stereotypes the islanders were fitted into. Either you were an athlete, a musician or you were in a gang. Other than that you had to have proof. Hell, I had to prove I was in uni.
Athletic guys only cared about two things, smashing into opponents and their looks.Musical guys only cared about making beats with their mouths, drumming any surface they find or strummed the guitar.
Leaving the gang members who usually have no job and little education repping up their neighbourhoods during the day before crawling back to their parents house to eat and sleep.
None sufficed the few hardworking and honest islander men who aimed to live each day, to go to work and help out when needed.
Now, being an islander, I know for a fact not all guys have Spartan abs and chiselled faces. I know not all islander females have lucious slim bodies a man would love to get their hands on. Islanders have been overrepresented and that the normal islander has thick curly hair, taro legs and drop the occasional fresh tinge in their english - me being one of them.
Now looking at the photographs I could comment, "Wait 'til mum sees you like this! Posing almost naked on the net". [wearing nothing and holding an ie to cover he's hoot, my eyes are burning in pain]
That's thing, real islanders are known for strength and being able to hold their breath while sinking into the sea to get paua (abalone) or crabs. They're known for being happy, friendly and funny. I may not have a Kim Kardashian body and my fellow Samoan male friends may not all have Spartan warrior abs with Sonny Bill William faces but it's the personality that counts. I know overrated much but, you know, never get reality and fantasy mixed up.
I am proud to hold a strong Samoan heritage and having the ability to speak Samoan. I have a fondness of being able to laugh and talk among peers about my background and explain not all Samoans look like supermodels or the Rock. Talofa e, we need real island role models.
The palagi teine looks at me and asks my opinion on the unknown who had a samoan sleeve (original nowadays with half of the Samoan guys who have them -.-!). I turned to her and made a face, "not my type"
"how can you not?"
"ah, he's my brother"
She had to do a double-take before disagreeing. "I know I'm full of meat, but we are related"
Not all women go for the pretty boys. I like the more manly type with a chilvarous and respecting side to him.
Just saying...